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Millennial Speech & Debate provides online coaching and tutoring and speech and debate for individual students, student groups, schools, and debate training academies. We have tutored students in Canada, China, the United States, and Taiwan. We’ve also run training programs in the Dominican Republic and South Korea. Since the Spring of 2017, we have provided more than 1,000 hours of training for more than 220 students, and we now offer

Space Colonization Update

Manor non-technical hurdles to space colonization   Jessica Stillman,, 11-3-17, 3 Big (Non-Technical Reasons Elon Musk’s Mars Colonization Might Not Fail, If you want a thought-provoking peek at possible near futures, you could read a sci-fi book. Or you could just have a read through Elon Musk’s recently released plan for establishing a colony of a million people on Mars. The entirety of Musk’s September talk . .

Background checks update

Federal background checks reduce gun deaths by 67% Kalesan, et al, 2017,Firearm legislation and firearm mortality in the USA; a cross-sectional, state level study, Bindu Kalesan, Matthew E Mobily, Olivia Keiser, Jeff rey A Fagan, Sandro Gale, Department of Medicine (B Kalesan PhD) and School of Public Health (S Galea MD) , Boston University, Boston, MA, USA; Department of Epidemiology, Mailman School of Public Health (M E Mobily MD)


Defeating the Gun Control Complacency Argument

“Even the amount of public pressure brought on by the massacre of primary school students wasn’t enough to force meaningful federal change on guns” Join Bilal Butt and staff at Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes this summer!  $1995 Resident, $495 Commuter  ALL PF RESOURCES One of the most popular Con arguments at Blue Key was “Complacency,” claiming that if universal background checks (UBCs) are supported that it is less likely

New November-December LD Arguments and Resources

We have a number of new resources available for the November-December LD topic. A post on arguments run at Blue Key. Blue key used the November-December LD topic. You can find a quick overview of arguments here. An updated annotated bibliography. Work on your own research by consulting this bibliography. An updated topic essay.  Read it here. The majority of the new updates are in A- Development Assistance File Number Two — Foreign Aid focus. We also have many arguments that can be used to debate specific cases available in other files. More than 22 new files!  Need help preparing? Join our LD online coaching sessions.

Bilal Butt on Missile Defense Solvency And Negotiations

Bilal Butt is the Curriculum Director of the Millennial Speech & Debate Summer Workshops. There have been a couple circuit tournaments on the September/October topic, and now after camp, the endless news cycles, and tired arguments of four invitational tournaments, its time for revision and some variation in order to excel the rest of the month. Here are a couple ways that some arguments on the current topic, Resolved: Deployment

Why Missile Defense is Important to Deterrence

It is important to understand not only how missile defense works to limit the damage of an attack from the North, but also how it functions to generally enhance deterrence. Its role in enhancing deterrence is important for a couple of reasons. First, if THAAD enhances deterrence it prevents other means of attack (artillery fire, ground trop invasion, bomber attacks) that Con teams will argue that missile defense cannot solve.

Public Forum Debate Terminology

A Add-on.  An add-on isi simply a new advantage (if you are Pro) or disadvantage (if you are Con) that is read in the Rebuttal.  Rather than explicitly presenting a new advantage or disadvantage (since some judges won’t like that), most debaters will will simply read it is a Turn to one of the original advantages or disadvantages. Advantage  The advantage is one of the benefits the Pro claims from