Resolved: The United Nations should grant India permanent membership on the Security Council. (Bibliography)

India Security Council Daily Updates PLUS Evidence Release Background — United Nations What is the Security Council? Peackeeping Background — UNSC Reform Towards Democratic Reform of the Security Council Member states call for expanding the Security Council, eliminating the veto Background — Indian on the UNSC India’s tough road to the UNSC Pennachio calls for India to have a role on the UNSC India’s aspirations for permanent membership India’s application

Resolved: The illegal use of drugs ought to be treated as a matter of public health, not of criminal justice.

General Drug use disorders: Impact of a public health rather than a criminal justice approach (2017) Framing drug and alchohol abuse as a public health problem (2018) Drug use: Public health issue or criminal justice matter? (2013) Framing drug and alchohol abuse as a public health problem in Britain (2018) Pro Rethinking America’s “War on Drugs” as a Public Health problem (2001) Drug use must be treated as a public

Saudi Arabia Arms Sales Daily Updates

Banning arms sales won’t solve Houthi aggression Qasim Abdul-Aziz, January 20, 2019, Yemen – Hopeful Ceasefire in Hodeida On Friday 21 December, a resolution was unanimously passed by the UNSC, authorising the UN Secretary General to deploy a monitoring team to Yemen to oversee the preliminary ceasefire. Despite the willingness of key players such as Saudi Arabia and Iran to back the UN agreement at this stage, the progress

On balance, artificial intelligence improves humanity

BACKGROUND What is AI? GENERAL What AI experts predict will happen in 2019 (2019) Artificial intelligence and the future of humans (2017) Is Stephen Hawking right? Could AI lead to the end of humanity? (2018) 10 Essential TED Talks on AI Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence (2018) The future of artificial intelligence will depend on human wisdom (2018) Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence  (No Date) How frightened should we be

Spring 2018 Promotions

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Main Arguments — Arms Sales Topic

Pro Arms sales bad for various humanitarian reasons, including war in Yemen violates humanitarian principles.  General ethics advantage. Arms sales to Saudi Arabia support its war in Yemen, other reasons the war in Yemen is bad Russian arms sales good for their economy (it’s good if Russia fills in if we leave) China influence good, China will fill in if we leave Should take a moral stand/”shun” Saudi Arabia because


Resolved: The United States should end its arms sales to Saudi Arabia (Bibliography Plus File)

Background Saudi Arabia: Background and US Relations (September, 2018) Trump touts Saudi Arms Sales (March 2018) Arms Sales in the Middle East: Trends and Analytical Perspectives on US Policy  (2017) How much does Saudi Arabia spend on arms deals with the US? (November 2018) US-Saudi Cooperation: Conditioning Arms Sales to Build Trust (November 2018) Europeans cut Saudi arms sales (March 2018) Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia: Worth the Cost?  Saudis

Reducing the Federal Debt: Defense Cuts Bad (Con)

Trump has increased, and will continue to increase, defense spending Lara Selgiman, 12-27, 18, In Reversal, Trump Signals Further Boost in Defense Spending On his first trip to an active combat zone since taking office, President Donald Trump suggested to U.S. troops on Wednesday that the military might get another funding boost this year. But the remark contradicted Trump’s other recent statements about defense spending, and he seemed to