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US Law should make it illegal to publish classified information concerning the intelligence activities of the United States.

April 20, 2017
by News
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Bibliography — Should Prosecute Media that Publish Leaks Has the New York Times Violated the Espionage Act?  This 2006 article lays out a strong case for punishing those who published classified materials.  It is also a great read because it details the history of the controversy related to punishing those who published leaked materials. Striking…

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Resolved: The United States should lift its embargo against Cuba (essay)

January 1, 2017
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Annotated bibliography In 1959, Fidel Castro instigated a revolution in Cuba that resulted in the overthrow of the current government. After the revolution, foreign companies, including US companies, were nationalized and became property of the Cuban government. For the next thirty years, there was virtually no foreign investment in the country (Fisk & Perez, 2010)….

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Resolved: The United States should lift its embargo against Cuba (Bibliography and file)

December 29, 2016
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  Millennial Speech & Debate Workshops  — Register Today! Background Cuba: Issues for the 114th Congress.  This extensive (98 page) report from the Congressional Research Service provides a comprehensive overview of Cuba’s history, US embargo policy, and movements toward normalization under the Obama administration. If you have time to read it, I strongly encourage you to…

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