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Counterplans on the Latin America Topic

April 25, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

Almost every contemporary policy debate has a counterplan. This section reviews the counterplans that are likely to be the most popular. Agent/actor counterplans. Other actors, primarily the European Union (EU), can deliver foreign aid and support investment in the topic countries. The ability of other European countries to support investment in Cuba will be limited…

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DA to Cuba Embargo Affs: Lifting the embargo undermines sustainable agriculture in Cuba

April 21, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

Embargo triggered Cuba’s shift to sustainable agriculture, lifting the embargo will crush it Carmen G. Gonzalez, Assistant Professor, Seattle University School of Law, Summer 2003, SEASONS OF RESISTANCE: SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SECURITY IN CUBA, p. 729-33 Notwithstanding these problems, the greatest challenge to the agricultural development strategy adopted by the Cuban government in the aftermath…

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Additional Cuba Plan: Economic development support

April 20, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

Plan – economic development support   Colin Crawford, Associate Professor, Georgia State University College of Law, Spring 2004, Transnational Law & Contemporary Problems, 14 Transnat’l L. & Contemp. Probs. 55, SYMPOSIUM: WHITHER GOES CUBA? PROSPECTS FOR ECONOMIC & SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PART I OF II: CUBA TODAY: Environmental Justice in Cuba: Capital Needs, Developing a Tourist…

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Venezuela: Background and Cases

April 11, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

[Venezuela Economic Engagement Condition Neg] [Venezuela Economic Engagement Condition Aff] [Full Bibliography] The United States enjoyed relatively normal trade and investment relations until 1999 when socialist Hugo Chavez assumed the presidency.  After that, relations went downhill fast. In 2002, Chavez accused the Bush administration of attempting a coup against him when he was briefly ousted…

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Cites: Borders Kritik

April 8, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

[Download the Borders Kritik] Shapiro ’97 Michael J., Prof. of Political Science @ U. of Hawaii, Violent Cartographies, University of Minnesota Press, 1997 Whyte et al. ‘6 Jessica, & Imre Szeman, “Erasing the Line, or, the Politics of the Border” ephemera 6(4), pgs. 467 Devadas & Mummery ‘8 (Vijay, Prof. @ U. of Otago, &…

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Mexico: Background and Cases

April 7, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

[Mexico Evidence Files @ Planet Debate] The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) ruled Mexico for 30 years and substantially closed-off its economy to outside investment by protecting domestic industries with high tariffs, domestic subsidies, and export and production quotas. These policies limited trade, with primarily machinery, chemicals, and metals coming in, and oil, which accounted for…

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Cites: Cuba

April 5, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

General  [Debating Cuba – -Essay and more citations] [Cuba Oil Affirmative] More citations are available in Cuba: Background & Cases Websites Center for Democracy in the Americas http://www.democracyinamericas.org/cuba/cuba-publications/ Havana Times http://www.havanatimes.org/ US-Cuba Politics Blog http://www.uscubapolitics.com/ Books Lamrani, Salim. (2013). The Economic War Against Cuba: A Historical and Legal Perspective on the U.S. Blockade Sweig, Julia. (2013)….

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Cites: Development Kritik

April 3, 2013
Published in Kritiks

[Download Development Kritik] Adams, Bill. (1991). Green Development. Cornwall, Andrea. (2005). “What do Buzzwords do for Development Policy? A critical look at ‘participation’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘poverty reduction’,” Third World Quarterly 26.7, pp. 1043-1060. Dubois, Mark. (1991). Alternatives. volume 16, p. 1-15. Escobar, Arturo. (1995).  Encountering Development: The Making and Unmaking of the Third World.  Esteva, Gustavo. (1993). The…

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Cuba: Background and Cases

April 1, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

In 1959, Fidel Castro instigated a revolution in Cuba that resulted in the overthrow of the current government. After the revolution, foreign companies, including US companies, were nationalized and became property of the Cuban government. [Download Cuba Oil Cooperation Affirmative] [Cuba Oil Cooperation Negative] [Cuba Engagement/Helms Burton Neg] Cuba Engagement/Helms Burton Affirmative] For the next thirty years,…

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