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Resolved: The United States ought to promote democracy in the Middle East (Intro)

February 28, 2016
Published in Issues

Affirmative Essay  Negative Essay Current Bibliography Bibliography Introduction The Lincoln-Douglas resolution asks the question of whether or not the US should promote democracy in the Middle East. This is a very complex resolution that really asks many different questions – (a) Should the United States promoted democracy at all? (b) Is any democracy promotion effective?…

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Bibliography: Should the Middle East peace talks be conducted multilaterally?

May 19, 2015
Published in Newsletter

General Reengaging the Israelis and the Palestinians History and overview of the Israel-Palestinian negotiations Negotiating the Israel-Palestinian issue A case study of multilateral water negotiations History of Middle East peace talks Bilateral Fails, Multilateral Better It’s time to internationalize the Israel-Palestinian issue Israel must enter multilateral talks Talks with Israel lead nowhere An inclusive peace…

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Qatar Debate’s 2nd International Schools Arabic Debating Championship

May 25, 2014
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QatarDebate’s 2nd International Schools Arabic Debating Championship brings together students from around the world in a cultural exchange. By Dana Abu Nahl and Nelly Al Fayed, Communication juniors at Northwestern University in Qatar. In a world of continual and mostly silent social media interaction, being able to make your real voice heard is becoming a lost…

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New Middle East Media Website

February 12, 2013
Published in Research

With contributors from Beirut to Jerusalem, and from Aleppo to Washington, Al-Monitor is a new media site dedicated to bringing in-depth coverage and fresh perspectives from the Middle East. The site provides reporting from a diverse array of independent media partners in Turkey, Israel, Egypt, the UAE, Iraq and throughout the Arab World. We have…

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