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July 22 Update

July 8, 2013

[July 22 Update File] Cuba US engages Cuba, Cuba engages in arms trafficking. US faces brand-new Cuba missile crisis. Let’s Say No to Transgenic Ag in Cuba. US hosts Cuban migration talks. US & Cuba open postal talks. Senators call on Obama to act over Cuba arms shipments. Mexico Mexico’s oil nationalism obsolete. What’s the…

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Cites: Points of Entry Aff

June 29, 2013

Pacheco 2012 Jerry Pacheco is the executive director of the International Business Accelerator, a nonprofit trade counseling program of the New Mexico Small Business Development Centers Network. “Efficient border crossings crucial to trade” ABQ Journal http://www.abqjournal.com/main/2012/08/06/biz/outlook/efficient-border-crossings-crucial-to-trade.html Bloomberg News May 2013 “Border Delays Cost U.S. $7.8 Billion as Fence Is Focus” By Amanda J. Crawford 5/14/13…

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Cites: Mexico

June 8, 2013

Books James M. Cypher & Raul Delgado Wise, PhD Candidate and Professor – Development Studies-Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas, 2010, Mexico’s Economic Dilemma: The Developmental Failure of Neoliberalism Santiago Levy & Michael Walton, Inter-American Development Bank & Harvard Kennedy School of Government, 2009, No Growth without Equity? Inequality, Interests, and Competition in Mexico, eds. S. Levy…

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Mexico Aff? Colorado River Cooperation

May 19, 2013

From Stratform.com An amendment to a standing water treaty between the United States and Mexico has received publicity over the past six months as an example of progress in water sharing agreements. But the amendment, called Minute 319, is simply a glimpse into ongoing mismanagement of the Colorado River on the U.S. side of the border. Over-allocation…

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Mexico: Background and Cases

April 7, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

[Mexico Evidence Files @ Planet Debate] The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) ruled Mexico for 30 years and substantially closed-off its economy to outside investment by protecting domestic industries with high tariffs, domestic subsidies, and export and production quotas. These policies limited trade, with primarily machinery, chemicals, and metals coming in, and oil, which accounted for…

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