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Cites: Democracy & Democracy Promotion

April 28, 2013

August, Arnold. (2013). Cuba and Its Neighbours: Democracy in Motion. This book is highly critical of US-centered democracy promotion in Latin America. Burron, Neil. (2013). The New Democracy Wars: the Politics of Democracy promotion in the Americas. Castalleno, Isaac. (2013). Kantian Peace Extended: Liberal Influences and Military Spending. http://uknowledge.uky.edu/polysci_etds/4/ Chomsky, Noam. (2013). Power Systems: Conversations…

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Cites: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, Globalization: Latin America Specific

April 28, 2013

[General capitalism citations] [Planet Debate 2013-14 Capitalism K File] Baez, Carmona. (2012). Economic change in Cuba: The (re-)making of a socialist development strategy.  International Critical Thought. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/21598282.2012.706776 Baker, Andy. (2011). The Latin American Left’s Mandate: Free Market Policymaking and issue voting in new democracies. World Politics. http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/world_politics/v063/63.1.baker.html Jorge NEF Director of Latin American and Caribbean…

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Cites: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, Globalization — General

April 27, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

[Download the 2013-14 Cap K] Periodicals Monthly Review — http://monthlyreview.org/ New Left Review http://newleftreview.org/ Socialism and Democracy Online http://sdonline.org/ Link – Economic engagement Dinker Raval and Bala Subramanian are retired professors at Morgan State University and recipients of the Iva Jones Medallion, November 25, 2011, “Time to Refocus Knowledge Engagement,” India Today, p. A19 Link…

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Cites: Borders Kritik

April 8, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

[Download the Borders Kritik] Shapiro ’97 Michael J., Prof. of Political Science @ U. of Hawaii, Violent Cartographies, University of Minnesota Press, 1997 Whyte et al. ‘6 Jessica, & Imre Szeman, “Erasing the Line, or, the Politics of the Border” ephemera 6(4), pgs. 467 Devadas & Mummery ‘8 (Vijay, Prof. @ U. of Otago, &…

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Cites: Cuba

April 5, 2013
Published in Latin America Topic

General  [Debating Cuba – -Essay and more citations] [Cuba Oil Affirmative] More citations are available in Cuba: Background & Cases Websites Center for Democracy in the Americas http://www.democracyinamericas.org/cuba/cuba-publications/ Havana Times http://www.havanatimes.org/ US-Cuba Politics Blog http://www.uscubapolitics.com/ Books Lamrani, Salim. (2013). The Economic War Against Cuba: A Historical and Legal Perspective on the U.S. Blockade Sweig, Julia. (2013)….

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Cites: Development Kritik

April 3, 2013
Published in Kritiks

[Download Development Kritik] Adams, Bill. (1991). Green Development. Cornwall, Andrea. (2005). “What do Buzzwords do for Development Policy? A critical look at ‘participation’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘poverty reduction’,” Third World Quarterly 26.7, pp. 1043-1060. Dubois, Mark. (1991). Alternatives. volume 16, p. 1-15. Escobar, Arturo. (1995).  Encountering Development: The Making and Unmaking of the Third World.  Esteva, Gustavo. (1993). The…

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