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Contributors and Partners

Brian Manuel.

Brian is currently the Director of Policy Debate for the Stanford Debate Society at Stanford University, as well as the Director of Public Forum & Policy Debate at Edgemont High School in New York

While the Director of Policy Debate at Stanford, Brian has rebuilt the program and most recently qualified their first team to the National Debate Tournament in 20 years, finishing as double-octafinalists in 2013. In 2014, his teams have reached the elimination rounds at all major national tournaments, including Harvard, Wake Forest, and the University of Southern California. In only his first year at Edgemont, his teams have reached the late elimination rounds of major national tournaments.

Prior to Stanford, Brian coached for Harvard Debate, Lakeland High School, Chattahoochee High School, Cathedral Preparatory School, and Scranton High School.  Brian’s high school teams have cleared at virtually every major natural tournament they’ve attended.  He has coached the champions of the 2003 Bronx Science, 2008 Barkley Forum, 2011 Meadows & USC tournaments, and the 2012 Golden Desert Invitational.  In addition, Brian has had multiple teams in the elimination rounds of the Tournament of Champions, NDCA, NCFL, and NFL Nationals with finals finishes in 2007 and 2012, in addition to coaching the top speaker at NFL’s in 2013.  Along with tournament successes, Brian’s students have attended every major national round robin including Greenhill, Georgetown, Michigan, Pace Academy, College Prep, and Harvard University. Brian serves as the Policy Institute Director at the Stanford National Forensic Institute and has previously taught at the Kentucky National Debate Institute, with the Fellows program, Capitol Classic Institute, and the Georgetown Debate Seminar.

Brian will be contributing two blog posts and two files per month.







Minerva Schools.

The best way to learn about the world is to live in it. Unlike life on a sheltered campus, the student experience at Minerva challenges you to engage with a diversity of individuals, customs, communities, and societies. Throughout four years of intensive study, you will explore up to seven vibrant cities, each with a unique global significance. From San Francisco and London to Buenos Aires and Seoul, Minerva will take you to many of the world’s most prominent technological, economic, political, and cultural centers.

Minerva offers a unique undergraduate experience for the brightest, most motivated students in the world. The university provides an immersive global experience across seven world capitals over the four-year program, exposing students to the best the world has to offer. Minerva offers 20 redefined concentrations across computational, social, and natural sciences, as well as the arts and humanities and business. Early last year, Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, world-renowned scholar and former Dean of Social Sciences at Harvard, joined Minerva as Founding Dean, and supervised the hiring and curriculum development for each of the Colleges within the School of Arts and Sciences. With Minerva personnel in six countries across five continents, we are crafting an integrated program for students that will hopefully redefine the standard to which the best universities will strive.

Minerva is offering $10,000 scholarship to one registered Millennial Speech & Debate user who is accepted to Minerva Schools.

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