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College Recruitment Form

The information provided on this form will be searchable by high school students who are interested in participating in speech and debate after high school. This form should be filled out by coaches who are interested in recruiting these students.

High school students (“Students) and college and university debate  coaches (“Coaches”) who participate in this recruiting program need to understand and agree to the following Terms of Service (“TOS”):

  1. The only people authorized to search student profile information (“SPI”) are Coaches and admissions officers (“Officers”) who are using college and university email addresses. They must also be approved to use this service.
  1. Coaches who search SPI will not be able to see any personally identifiable information – e.g., name and email address. They will only see the debate and academic information that is in the profile. Coaches who are interested in recruiting a student with a particular profile may contact students through our services by directing an electronic message to the owner of that particular profile.
  1. When Coaches review SPI that interests them, they will be able to click on a button to send an email they write through BauschardDebate to the student. During this process, they will still not see the name or email address of the student.

The content of the email Coaches send to students can only consist of communication related to recruiting students to their college or university. Copies of the email will be retained by our service in case there is any violation of the TOS.

  1. Once a student receives an email from the Coach, they can respond directly to the Coach from their own email directly to the Coach’s email. From that point, all subsequently communication will be directly between the coach and student and will not occur through our service.
 Since we have no access to this communication, we cannot assume any responsibility for the communication.
  1. Students and Coaches can fill out all of the information below or limit the information that is provided. Only the * information is mandatory. Obviously the more information that provide the more likely a student is to be recruited and the more likely it is that students will be interested in a particular college or university debate program.
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