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Health Care Debate Bibliography

November 28, 2016
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GOP splintered on Obamacare after Pence meeting

The surgeon extracting government from medicine 

Tom Price’s radically conservative vision for American health care

Speed limits ahead for ending Obamacare 

Governors plan very active role in Obamacare rewrite

Feds fall further in debt with Obamacare insurers

Any changes to Affordable Care Act will move slowly

Why Obamacare could be Trump’s undoing

Obamacare is probably toast, and a lot of poor white voters will probably get hurt

Tom Price is a nightmare for sick Americans 

If not Obamacare, then what? 


Pressure builds on $73M Obamacare case

Repeal Alone Bad

Repealing Obamacare could leave 59 million uninsured

Simply repealing Obamacare will hurt the white working class

Many in Florida count on Obama’s health care law

The importance of the Affordable Care Act to rural America

Replublicans can repeal Obamacare, they just can’t repeal the logic of health insurance

What the Democrats can learn from the President’s rough ride on health care

Women could pay more than men for health care under Trump 

Repeal now, delay, replace later bad

GOP strategy could unravel makrets quickly, report warns

Into the Obamacare repeal charnel house

Pro Repeal

The myth of preexisting conditions

The four legs of a new health care system


Tbe CBO has some bad news for Obamacare repealers. This VOX article references a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report that says that skimpy coverage can’t count as “health insurance.”

The GOP should provide health insurance to all Americans

Trump’s harmful proposals for heatlh care reform

Allowing insurers to sell across state lines would undermine health insurance markets 

High risk pool proposal a failed approach

Savings account proposal would mostly help wealthy

Why Republican health reforms are likely to fail

The GOP’s big lie on Obamacare 


The ACA’s risk programs: Why Congress needs to prevent insurers’ bailout

Preparing for a smooth repeal of Obamacare

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