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Should vouchers be utilized to support school choice?

November 24, 2016
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Keeping informed about vouchers: A review of major developments and research. This report examines a decade’s worth of research on school vouchers and concludes that vouchers have had no clear positive effect on student academic achievement, and mixed outcomes for students overall. Effects on graduation rates, parental satisfaction, public school achievement and cost to taxpayers are discussed. The report also notes that much of this research has been carried out or sponsored by pro-voucher organizations, signaling a particular need for scrutiny. In addition to this research review, the report describes voucher programs currently in existence, summarizes major court cases and referenda on vouchers from the past ten years, and reflects on changes in the voucher landscape. The report serves as an update to CEP’s paper School Vouchers: What We Know and Don’t Know…and How We Could Learn More, released in 2000.

Trump’s new ed chief is a disaster for Philly 

The ugly truth about school choice

Sweden’s school choice: The country’s disastrous experience

Betsy DeVoss and the wrong way to fix schools

Pro – Websites

School choice articles @ Heritage 

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Journal of School Choice

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