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Bibliography: Immigration and the Economy

November 7, 2016
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The economic and fiscal consequences of immigration.   More than 40 million people living in the United States were born in other countries, and almost an equal number have at least one foreign-born parent. Together, the first generation (foreign-born) and second generation (children of the foreign-born) comprise almost one in four Americans. It comes as little surprise, then, that many U.S. residents view immigration as a major policy issue facing the nation. Not only does immigration affect the environment in which everyone lives, learns, and works, but it also interacts with nearly every policy area of concern, from jobs and the economy, education, and health care, to federal, state, and local government budgets.  506 pages.


Immigration Generally Improves the Economy

Clinton’s immigration plan could help economy more than Trump’s, say economists

Immigrants are keeping America young — and the economy growing

Presidential debate prep on immigration.  Just the facts 

How immigration reform can boost the housing market 

Immigrants are boosting New York’s Economy 

Needed but not wanted

Four things to know about whether immigration hurts American workers 

Does immigration hurt the economy?

Immigration economics: What you need to know 

How a border wall would hurt the US economy 

Immigration boosts entrepreneurship

The most entrepreneurial group in America wasn’t born in America

Rising rate of immigrant female owned businesses adding billions to the economy

Reason for reform — entrepreneurship 

Immigrants needed to make the US great 

Immigrants Benefit Particular Cities

New Americans in the Fargo-Moorhead region 

New Americans in Anchorage 

Immigration Critical to High Skilled Workers

Immigration Act of 1990: Unfinished Business

Immigrants Boost Health Care

How immigrants can solve home health care shortages 


High Skilled Immigrant Workers Not Key to the Economy

The effects of high skilled immigrant policy on firms

How the H1-B system can hurt American workers

Large companies game the H1-B visa program, costing US jobs

Is there a STEM worker shortage? 

Immigration Causes Unemployment 

Yes, immigration hurts American workers.  This article argues that there are economic benefits to immigration but that it does hurt the wages of workers, particularly low skilled workers. The article does conclude that we should not ban immigration but rather that we should develop government programs to help those who have lost jobs due to immigration.

The economic and fiscal consequences of immigration.

Immigration hurts American employment.

For every new job, two new immigrants 

Immigration Hurts Blacks and Hispanics

Illegal immigration hits black wages hardest

Immigration Hurts Low Skilled Workers

Immigrants replace low-skilled workers in the economy

All employment growth since 2000 went to immigrants

Immigration Hurts Wages

Immigration and Wages 

Immigration Hurts Education

Mass migration’s impact on public education 


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