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China Topic Reading List

June 2, 2016
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June 24 — Brexit Related

Does the Brexit vote mark the end of internationalism?

The Brexit vote is awful news for China 

The Brexit result will have China worried 

Who wins from Brexit? China 

China laughs at Britain’s request to negotiate a quick free trade deal

Britain exit a possible boon for China

China emerges unscathed from Brexit, at least for now 

China pushes EU for early Brexit agreement

June 23

Could China occupy Taiwan militarily?

ASEAN learning to navigate great power politics

South China Sea clashes are fracturing ASEAN

The Obama administration is failing to stop China’s Pacific aggression

China still harvesting organs from prisoners on a massive scale

June 22

Is air quality a social problem? 

Russia and China learn from each other as military ties deepen

Fights with China loom if Hillary elected President 

Are fears of mass unemployment in China overblown? 

June 21

The fight in China over the South China Sea

Taking stock on world refugee day 

Indonesia refuses to bow to China in the South China Sea

June 20

Xi struggles to reform China and its economy

China’s reckless South China Sea strategy won’t work

China prepares assembly of space station, invites collaboration 

June 19

China’s great contradiction

China to generate a quarter of electricity from wind power by 2030

June 18

China v. The Philipines in the South China Sea

China’s LGBT community still fighting for their rights

June 17

How China’s navy rapidly modernized to rival the US’s

A good economy for China

5 common myths about China’s power

June 15

More trade won’t stop China’s aggression

Is it time for America to consider accomodation of China?

Can the United States and China make peace in cyberspace?

June 14

The age of great sea battles isn’t over

What will the TPP mean for China? (gated)

Freedom of Navigation operations in the South China Sea aren’t enough

June 13

China’s bogus South China Sea “Consensus”

June 11

China slowly turning the SCS into its own territory

Trump’s foreign policy preference and its implications

China’s Message to Asia (And America): We own the water off our shores

June 10

China-US dialogue beyond the South China Sea?

The next President’s Asia challenge 

Flying the unfriendly skies: China’s dangerous behavior

China’s secret plan to dominate the South China Sea

The South China Sea does not define the US-China relationship

June 9

China-US cyberspace talks

North Koreans try to trump China — and the United States

Will the US restrain from provocative actions in the South China Sea?

3-nation exercise is a stern warning to China

The South China Sea: Asia’s New Battlefied

Beijing vows to ignore Hague tribunal

June 8

America’s strategic misperception of China

A South China Sea of uncertainty

Report finds growing risk of nuclear war between the US and China

Confrontation in the South China

The American public is not very hawkish on China

June 7

New considerations of China’s first use of nuclear weapons

US to remain most powerful economic force above China

June 6

The curious love-hate relationship between China and North Korea

Chinese officials call for US-China cooperation

China’s incomplete growth strategy

June 4

Maintaining momentum in US-China relations

June 3

Are China and the US close to sealing an investment treaty?

June 2

China’s new South China Sea weapon: New Coast Guard ships

China presses the fast forward button to dominate the South China Sea

June 1

Limits of law in the South China Sea

China-Korea Relations: Old Sanctions, New Dilemmas 

How America stacks-up: Economic Competitiveness and US Policy

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