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Bibliography: China-US Space Cooperation

April 24, 2016
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Status Quo

These articles describe current US space policy as it relates to China. Basically, the articles explain that the State Department has initiated general dialogue regarding space cooperation with China but that NASA and the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) are prohibited from spending funds on cooperation under the terms of the Wolfe Amendment.

The civil space cooperation dialogue mechanism between the US and China was formally established

The first meeting of the US-China space dialogue

US-China agree to bilateral civilian space cooperation

“The Martian” shows Americans want space cooperation


Prospects for US-China space cooperation.   This article argues a repeal of the Wolfe Amendment in order to support US-China space cooperation.

US-China Cooperation in Space: Is it Possible? The author argues for expanded US-China space cooperation, but he acknowledges that such cooperation will require Presidential leadership (political capital!) and that it may be best to start with multilateral cooperation because that is not currently prohibited by Congress (counterplan!)

Two perspectives on US-China space cooperation This article discusses the Pros and Cons of engagement, though there is more “pro” evidence than “con” evidence.

Saunders Testimony  This testimony argues for limited US-China commercial space cooperation.

Pathways to exploration.  This brief NAS document supports US cooperation with China on human spaceflight.

Pathways to exploration.  The full NAS report on the importance of human spaceflight and the need to involve China in cooperative efforts.

US-China: Civil space dialogue.  This article identifies political limits to space cooperation but argues there are benefits.

Is it time for the US to partner with China in space? (gated)

Could China-US cooperation bring The Martian home?   Short article in favor of cooperation.

Taking out the space trash: A model for cooperation Argues for collaboration on space debris but acknowledges many difficulties.

The future of space policy is built on international cooperation This article argues we need China’s cooperation on a mission to Mars.

Chinese astronaut calls for cooperation This is just a brief article based on an interview with a Chinese astronaut, but it has a good politics link.

Time ripe for US-China space cooperation This is an Asia Times article that makes the case for cooperation.

The space security dilemma .   This is an older article (2006), but it has some excellent evidence about how space cooperation with China can reduce the chances of China’s space  militarization conflict escalation with the US.


Prospects for US-China Space cooperation.  This article argues that China’s bureaucracy, military dominance in its space sector, and national pride will limit any US-China space cooperation.

Space: A frontier too far for US-China cooperation. Politics links to cooperation.

China dream, Space dream.  This report argues that cooperating space with China risks the theft of US intellectual property and contributes to China’s militarization of space.

NASA, China undermine the case for cooperation This article discusses substantial political opposition to any form of cooperation.

China wants more space cooperation. This article explains that China wants to participation in the International Space Station (ISS) but that Congress blocks the participation.


Fostering cooperation and non-militarisation in space  This transcript of a symposium on space security contains evidence about potential mechanisms to prevent the militarization of space. If you have a plan in this area, you may want to look closely at the document.  I did cut some cards that identify reasons that space arms control is not likely to succeed.

Preventing a space war This editorial piece argues that US space assets are at-risk due to China’s offensive space capabilities, such as ASATs.  The editorial proposes more diplomacy, but also points out that there is some going on in the status quo and that it is difficult to engage China on the issue.

US-China space rivalry grows  This article discusses the growing militarization of space and the potential for conflict while also pointing out that will be difficult to engage China to prevent it.

Here’s why NASA won’t work with China to explore space This article argues the US should work with China on space exploration but that massive political opposition prevents it.

Dangerous space incidents This report discusses the threat of China’s emerging offensive space capabilities. It does suggest a number of problems for dealing with the issue, including repealing the restrictions on space cooperation with China, but it does not provide much explanation for why those measures would be effective.

Strategy for International Cooperation in Planning the Chinese Space Station,  This is a large (440 page) report that identifies measures CHINA can take to facilitate cooperation on its international space station. I haven’t read this report yet, but it may represent strong counterplan ground.

US and China may cooperate in space  This brief article identifies a couple potential areas of cooperation.

Conflict and cooperation in the development of US-China relations in science and technology This paper argues for new approaches to US-China relations in science and technology, but it is not specific to outer space cooperation.

Expanding US-China strategic cooperation will require new thinking This is a useful article, but it is not specific to space cooperation.


Beijing, we have a problem This article discusses the China-India competition in outer space.

United in Space: China, India pave the way toward BRIC cooperation This article discusses cooperation between China and Indian in outer space.

Space Station
The silly reason the Chinese aren’t allowed on the space station

China astronauts hope to come aboard ISS

China wants more space cooperation, appeals for access to ISS

China Space Dominance        

Hearing on China’s space and counter-space programs

China’s space missions tied to military ambitions

China dream, space dream

China: The Next Space Power?

China: The Next Space Superpower

Does China threaten the United States in space?

China: The next space superpower

China prepares for space warfare

China Space Militarism

China tests anti-satellite missile

The end of sanctuary in space

ASATs, deterrence, and Sino-American relations

Mars space race

China plans to “Rove’ on Mars by 2020


Space exploration and US competitiveness


Huge room for China-Russia cooperation in space

Russia and China evaluate space cooperation


The role of nationalism in multilateral space cooperation

Exploring avenues for US-China cooperation on the Middle East

A new regional cold war? American and Chinese posturing in the pacific
A partnership with China to avoid a World War






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