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Drop Box Access Included for 2016-17 Millennial Institutional Subscribers!

April 14, 2016
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Individuals and Institutions that purchase a $199 Institutional Subscription will now how the option of syncing Millennial’s Master Drop Box Folder content directly to their computers.

The folder includes all generic back files, 2016-17 Policy Topic Evidence, Congressional Debate evidence, LD & PF evidence from this point forward, and Politics files.  Currently there are more than 780 files.

Drop Box access creates a number of opportunities for our Subscribers:

  • Access evidence and files and as they are being worked on. All of work is done in the Drop Box so you can access “in progress” files before they are posted on the website.
  • Get instant Drop Box updates on your computer of new and emerging files.
  • Quickly access the Drop Box folder during the debate if you need evidence.
  • Access evidence when you need it without being online, because Drop Box automatically synchs to your computer!
  • Stay on top of what Millennial is researching so that you are always prepared!

All Institution accounts will allow the folder to be shared with one individual of the purchaser’s choosing. If schools purchase multi-user accounts, the folder will be shared with all users the purchaser selects.

This is only available to those who have purchased 2016-17 subscriptions, but those users will receive immediate access.


  • Users must have their own Drop Box account installed on their computers or be able to download it and install it on their computers (getdropbox.com)
  • Users must have sufficient space in their Drop Box account. Drop Box accounts come with two gigabytes of free space. The shared folder is currently 170 MB but will grow to around 300 MB over the course of the year. If users do not have sufficient space they will have to purchase additional space from Drop Box or eliminate other files in their Drop Box.
  • Since Drop Box synchs directly to the individual’s computer, users need to have sufficient hard drive space as well.

Two notes:

  • Coaches and debaters can open and read the files but they cannot directly edit them. While they can copy them to their computers and then edit them, direct editing is not permitted because this would alter the files for all users.
  • Users must be familiar with Drop Box. Drop Box is a separate company and we cannot provide Drop Box support beyond basic set-up instructions.

All of our files will also still be available on the website.

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