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NCFL Congress Legislation Resources

May 14, 2015
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This is our growing list of resources to help coaches and students prepare for the Congressional docket at the NCFL tournament.

Full NCFL Congress Legislation

Drones — That the Student Congress here assembled eliminate the CIA’s use of drone warfare


Icon of Drones Good And Bad Drones Good And Bad -- Subscribers Only (1.0 MiB)

Minimum wage — The United States shall hereby raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour


Icon of Minimum Wage Good Bad Minimum Wage Good Bad -- Subscribers Only (289.3 KiB)

— general minimum wage good/bad file

Organ conscription — Hospitals will be required to enact a system of organ conscription and abolish the current opt-in system of organ donation Upon enacting this system, a hospital will have a 5% increase in government funding. If a hospital has not complied with the provisions of this bill by the time it is enacted, they will lose all federal and state funding

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Community College Tuition — The United States federal government will eliminate tuition costs for students in good standing at two year community colleges

Free cards   Video       Argument Map  Pro Essay   Con Essay

Law of the Sea — That the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea be ratified, and the United States assume all responsibilities ratification entail

Icon of Lawoftheseagoodfiletemplate Lawoftheseagoodfiletemplate -- Subscribers Only (725.0 KiB)

Icon of Law of the Sea Bad Law of the Sea Bad -- Subscribers Only (203.0 KiB)

Death Penalty – By the Student Congress here assembled that the death penalty be abolished in the United States.

Icon of Death Penalty Good and Bad Death Penalty Good and Bad -- Subscribers Only (247.5 KiB)

CyberSecurity – -The annual budget of the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) shall be increased by $500,000,000 A. 15% of the additional funding allotted in Section 1 must be used by USCYBERCOM to work with private enterprises in an effort to improve the cybersecurity of the United States


Icon of Cyberterror Impacts and Private-Public Coop Good Cyberterror Impacts and Private-Public Coop Good -- Subscribers Only (178.7 KiB)

Icon of Cyberwar Cyberterrorism Cybersecurity Answers Cyberwar Cyberterrorism Cybersecurity Answers -- Subscribers Only (298.4 KiB)

Embargo (Cuba) — That the Student Congress here assembled recommend that the U.S. maintain the current embargo on Cuba so that the Castro government is not be rewarded for its misconduct.

Bibliography    Terror list remove essay      More related

Icon of Cuba Embargo Bad Cuba Embargo Bad -- Subscribers Only (1.6 MiB)

Icon of Cuba Embargo Good Cuba Embargo Good -- Subscribers Only (317.5 KiB)

Standardized Testing — That teachers and educators in public schools are only evaluated by their performance in the classroom, not based on test score


High Speed rail — A high speed rail system from Las Vegas to Los Angeles will be established.

There are two general high speed rail good/bad files here.

Icon of High Speed Rail Good High Speed Rail Good -- Subscribers Only (407.9 KiB)

Icon of High Speed Rail Bad High Speed Rail Bad -- Subscribers Only (145.4 KiB)


Physician assisted suicide (semifinals) —  The United States Federal Government shall hereby allow any adult patient with a terminal illness to have the right to die, if the patient wishes,  with the aid of a licensed physician.

Icon of Physician Assisted Suicide Bad Physician Assisted Suicide Bad -- Subscribers Only (337.1 KiB)

Quick Link:  Why assisted suicide should not be legalized

Magnitsky (finals) — The full text of S.284 The Global Magnitsky Human Rights  Accountability Act is hereby enacted.

Icon of Russia US Relations Answers Russia US Relations Answers -- Subscribers Only (246.5 KiB)

Icon of Magnitsky Cards Magnitsky Cards -- Subscribers Only (195.9 KiB)

— small file

Youth Council — That this youth council will hold the purpose to advise the president and his/ her staff on issues involving the youth of the nation.


Socioeconomic affirmative action — Upon pass, this legislation will immediately cancel government funding to any public college or university if race is a factor when considering whether to grant an offer of matriculation to a perspective student. Government funding and support will increase by 10% for colleges and universities who replace current policies that consider race and introduce a new admissions scheme that instead considers socio economic status

Icon of Affirmative Action Good and Bad Affirmative Action Good and Bad -- Subscribers Only (206.5 KiB)

Icon of Affirmative Action -- Class Based Bad Affirmative Action -- Class Based Bad -- Subscribers Only (162.7 KiB)

Electoral college/Congressional districts (semifinals) — The “congressional district method” currently utilized by Maine and Nebraska would benefit the voters of the United States if it were implemented on  a national level; now, therefore, be it RESOLVED, The United States Congress work towards implementing the  “congressional district method” of electoral voting in every state.

Icon of Electoral College Good Bad (11-26-2016) Electoral College Good Bad (11-26-2016) -- Subscribers Only (787.0 KiB)

3-D Printers — The U.S. government will regulate the items produced by three dimensional printers


School lunches — The Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 will hereby be repealed. The school lunch programs will be reverted back to the standards of the Child Nutrition Act


Iraq – deployment of US military soldiers to Iraq

I covered this topic extensively in the essays related to whether or not the US should commit combat troops to combat ISIL.  This is relevant to this topic because the primary (and arguably exclusive) rationale for putting combat troops in Iraq at this point is to fight against ISIL.  The debate is also outline in this argument map.

Iran/Iran — The United States will stop providing all economic and military aid to any group that Iraq or Iran supports.

This topic is a bit difficult to put research materials together on because I don’t think it is advocated by anyone in the (mainstream) literature. One huge problem with the proposal is that both Iraq and Iran are fighting ISIL/ISIS and if we withdraw this type of support ISIS would likely overrun Iraq, and potentially Iran. You should consult the resources linked in the last topic section for evidence related to these arguments.

Mercosur Free Trade — the Congress urge the President of the United States to actively pursue a free trade agreement between the United States and Mercosur.

Mercosur is a free trade agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Paraguay.   Explained more

It is really hard to find any evidence on this, but you may want try these

Mercosur RIP?    Strategic Patience Runs Out    Protectionist Policies Stagnate Mercosur Countries

I really can’t find any recent (within 7 years) evidence discussing the desirability of this and the evidence in the three articles referenced above seems to indicate that it isn’t really even a feasible idea.

Icon of Free Trade Bad Free Trade Bad -- Subscribers Only (156.2 KiB)

Drugs — That the Student Congress here assembled allow doctors to be more empowered to refuse drug seeking patients


NATO/Ukraine Georgia – – The the following recommendation for NATO to strengthen its relationship with Ukraine and Georgia

Icon of Ukraine and the Russia Threat Ukraine and the Russia Threat -- Subscribers Only (422.0 KiB)

Body Cameras — Because of recent police officer abuse, all police officers will be issued a small camera to be fastened to his uniform.


Glass-Steagal — The Glass-Steagall Act, passed into the US law in 1933 and repealed by the Gramm -Leach Bliley Act of 1999, shall be restored in full upon passage of this bill.


Political parties — Political parties shall be abolished in the U.S.


Tobacco – Plain packaging


Saudi Arabia– That US -Saudi diplomatic relations will be suspended until the Saudi government increases transparency and demonstrates significant efforts to preserve human rights.

Icon of Saudi Relations Good Saudi Relations Good -- Subscribers Only (227.1 KiB)

Oil — That the Congress here assembled urge the President of the United States to initiate a global forum to discuss strategies for the security of the global oil market.

Icon of AT Oil Shocks AT Oil Shocks -- Subscribers Only (211.8 KiB)

Privatize Social security — Social Security shall hereby be dissolved at the federal level and be taken over by private industries

Icon of Social Security Privatization Bad Social Security Privatization Bad -- Subscribers Only (152.5 KiB)

Burkina Faso –– That the Student Congress here assembled make the following recommendation that the United States extend military and economic resources to the African Union; and, be it That the United States not impose any sanctions on Burkina Faso


EITC Expansion — The Federal EITC is hereby increased by 40% for taxpayers with children at all income levels, and increased by 600% for taxpayers without children at all income levels. All age restrictions on the EITC are hereby eliminated.

Icon of EITC Good EITC Good -- Subscribers Only (94.5 KiB)

Impeach Obama — That the Student Congress here assembled stand true to our oath to protect the Constitution at all costs and go forth with the impeachment process.


Kurdish independence (semifinals) — The United States shall openly encourage complete independence and statehood of the Iraqi Kurdish autonomous zone through the United Nations, and other diplomatic channels, including encouraging the government of Iraq to allow the full secession of this zone from  their territory.


World Bank — That the United States proposes the following amendment to Article V, Section 5 of the World Bank Articles of Agreement: “(e) The President shall be restricted to not more than one five-year term. The continent of origin of the President shall rotate from North America, to Asia, to Europe, to South America, to Africa, and to Australia before returning to the beginning of the cycle”


High skilled workers – That the Student Congress here assembled make the following recommendation that the US Federal Government give preference to and increase grants in aid to American college students in high tech areas of study; and, be it That the percentage of loans and grants to students in less essential skill areas be reduced

Icon of STEM Skill Shortage Answers STEM Skill Shortage Answers -- Subscribers Only (210.6 KiB)

Copyright — he Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) be amended to: 1) allow private encryption programs to be sold; 2) allow fair use of materials covered by DMCA as that term is defined in copyright law; and 3) allow unlocking of personal electronic devices for personal use of the owner of the device

Icon of Encryption Aff Encryption Aff -- Subscribers Only (366.9 KiB)

Icon of Encryption Neg Consolidated Encryption Neg Consolidated -- Subscribers Only (321.0 KiB)

Student loans — Interest rates for student loans in the United States shall be reduced, and all rates are to be fixed for the life of the loan(s)


Israel-Palestine – That the U.S. should engage Arab nations in a multilateral negotiation to end the conflict.


Visual models — That the Student Congress here assembled suggest the banning of the Electronic alteration of models in magazine, TV ads, bill boards and the internet


Executive agreements (finals) — The President of the United States shall be required to seek Senate consent  to enter or sign Executive Agreements.


European trade (semifinals) — All unilateral trade restrictions between the United States shall be hereby eliminated and free trade established between EU member states.  Trade restrictions shall be include tariffs, export-import quotas/gates, regulations specifically targeting the EU, and any other impediments to trade.


Consumer Yield Security Act — The Consumer Yield Security Act sets out to reinvigorate the financial industry

SECTION 1. The Consumer Yield Security Act sets out to reinvigorate the financial  industry.

SUBSECTION A: Repeal the entirety of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. SUBSECTION B: Levy a financial transaction tax derivative of the stipulations of the Inclusive Prosperity Act (2014).  SUBSECTION C: Fortify the provisions within the Basel III Capital Requirement Accords to increase the liquid asset backing of banks to 10 12.5% of investments.
SUBSECTION D: Supplant the FSOC, which is currently in place under 12 the jurisdiction of Dodd Frank, with a bipartisan oversight commission 13 appointed by the SEC.
SUBSECTION E: Ensure the regulation of Credit Default Swaps and 15 Adjustable Rate Mortgages to ameliorate the American credit rating back 16 to AAA.

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Default treaty and appointment approval (Semifinals) — By two-thirds of the Congress here assembled, that the following article is proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which  shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several states within seven years from the date of its submission by the Congress:   The Senate shall have one year to exercise its right to consent or not consent to any Presidential appointment or treaty proposed by the President of the United States. If the Senate chooses not to exercise this right after one year, any Presidential appointment or treaty proposed by the President of the United States shall then be considered confirmed or approved without the consent of the Senate.



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