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February 2015 Scholarships for High School Students

February 1, 2015
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Proton Onsite $100,000 Seniors in science or technology field 2/13/2015 http://protononsitescholarship.com/
eQuality $12,000 Seniors graduating from high schools in northern or central California who promote the understanding of and equality for the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community. 2/1/2015 http://www.equalityscholarship.org/
Heubner $10,000 Seniors who are the children or grandchildren of soldiers who have served in the First Infantry Division of the United States Army 2/1/2015 http://www.fastweb.com/college-scholarships/scholarships/110530-heubner-scholarship
Create a Greeting Card $10,000 Student, you must be at least 14 years of age to be eligible for this award. 2/18/2015 http://www.gallerycollection.com/greeting-cards-scholarship.htm
AXA $2,500 Seniors who plan to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two- or four-year college or university. 2/1/2015 http://www.axa-equitable.com/axa-foundation/community-scholarships.html
Edison Scholars $10,000/year Seniors looking to pursue math, scientists, and engineers 2/1/2015 https://www.scholarshipamerica.org/edisonscholars/
James L. Nellie M. $2,000 MS Seniors going to college 2/1/2015 http://sms.scholarshipamerica.org/westlake/
Military Commander $5,000 Dependent children of active duty, reserve, National Guard or retired members of the United States military who hold valid Exchange & Commissary shopping privileges at the time of application. 2/17/2015 http://sms.scholarshipamerica.org/militarycommanders/
Rent-A-Center NA Current customers; customers within the past two years who are in good standing; their immediate family members (spouse or dependent children living in the customer’s household); and dependent children (age 25 or younger) of current employees of Rent-A-Center, Get It Now!, Home Choice, Acceptance Now, RAC National Product Service or RAC Field Support Center who have been continuously employed for at least one year — and who live in the U.S. or Puerto Rico — are eligible to apply. Applicants must plan to enroll or are already enrolled in full-time undergraduate study at an accredited two- or four-year college, university or vocational technical school in the United States or Puerto Rico. 2/2/2015 https://www.scholarshipamerica.org/makeadifference/
Davidson Fellows $25,000, $10,000 Under the age of 18, who have completed a significant piece of work in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, music, literature, philosophy or outside the box that has the potential to in some way benefit society. 2/11/2015 http://www.davidsongifted.org/fellows/
Harry S. Truman $30,000 Applicants should have a history of community service, and be interested in becoming a force for positive change by working in government, education, the nonprofit sector, or the public interest/advocacy sector in order to improve the way these institutions serve the public. 2/3/2015 http://www.truman.gov/
AEA $1,000 Seniors 2/1/2015 http://www.aea.net/educationalfoundation/scholarships.asp
Bezos Family Varies Juniors and Seniors 2/1/2015 http://www.bezosfamilyfoundation.org/
Buick Achievers up to $25,000 Students who plan to major in engineer or design 2/1/2015 http://www.buickachievers.com/
Courageous Persuaders $250-$3,000 9-12th grade students 2/1/2015 http://www.courageouspersuaders.com/
National Propane/Gas $1,000-$2,000 Seniors 2/1/2015 http://www.npga.org/
Spirit of Anne Frank $10,000 Seniors accepted to college 2/15/2015 http://annefrank.com/
Christophers $100-$1,000 HS students 2/15/2015 http://www.christophers.org/page.aspx
Vegetarian Resource $5,000-$10,000 Seniors 2/20/2015 http://www.vrg.org/student/scholar.htm

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Priten is a student at Harvard College in the Class of 2019.

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