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Bibliography: Should the US Attack Syria?

August 30, 2013
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The right questions on Syria

A Yes vote of conscience for the world’s red line

America must end the genocide in Syria

Rethinking war and peace in Syria

Striking Syria: The Wait May be Worth it

Red lines matter

Is this the weakest argument against a Syria attack?

Syria exodus to go on if chemical attack ignored

Obama is mulling the least bad option

America must respond to the atrocities in Syria

Moral obscenity, global red line

The West must finally respond

A Measured, calculated response could work

No, we don’t need Britain’s help to bomb Assad

US action on Syria: Obama’s delays and the Dempsey warnings

Reinforce a norm in Syria

The legality of a US strike on Syria

Bomb Syria, even if it’s illegal

In Syria, US credibility is at stake

The US must act against Assad

5 reasons the US must intervene in Syria


Syrian civil war is too complex for US involvement

Just a little bit of war against Syria

A small war in Syria is a bad idea

Syria strike not worth the risk

On Syria, a UN vote isn’t optional

Why Obama’s red line is a poor excuse for war in Syria

Syrian slam dunk

Limited strike would be self-wounding

Say no a feckless Syria strike

Contra Syria attack

On law, policy, and not bombing Syria

Don’t call this a humanitarian intervention

Moral obscenities in Syria

Experts fear plan overlooks risks

Not even the Brits can make the case that bombing Syria is lawful

An attack on Syria will only spread the war and killing

Four unaddressed concerns about a strike against Syria

In trying to help Syria, an intervention would destroy it

Does America really need another war in the Middle East?

The Crossroads on Syria

The Syrian reprisal

No war as an entitlement to Syria

The folly of going to war for credibility

Why Western intervention in Syria will leave chaos

Limited strike will lead to deeper intervention

Weapons Assad uses shouldn’t affect US policy

Top 5 reasons not to use missile strikes

Outsiders have no tool to fix Syria

Credibility over red lines no reason for war

Don’t bomb Syria

Warped motives on Syria

America’s Syria folly

Within the US military, deep doubts

Shamed into war?

The US has learned nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan

Obama, Kerry have no moral authority on Syria

Before you conclude that a precision bombing makes sense

Do military interventions hasten the end of civil wars?

When do interventions work?

An imaginative, creative way to deal with the Syria crisis

Arming Rebels Bad

The Pitfalls of greater US involvement

Should the use of chemical weapons prompt a US attack?


US government report on Syria chemical weapons

9 Questions about Syria that you were afraid to ask

About chemical weapons and their use


Bunker Mentality

The smart way to bomb Syria

US had intel on Chemical weapons strike before it was launched

What should be done, why, and how

Legitimacy of Intervention in Syria: Three Things to Know

Debate: Does the US have a dog in the fight?

Responsibility to Protect — Or to Punish?

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